Flash website headache

SEO For Flash Websites

Until recently I had never really considered optimising a flash website as a great way to get top search engine rankings, but needless to say I was asked to give advice for a website that had to be built in Flash. Now normally I’d always advise clients against Flash and instead go with a HTML alternative as its more search engine friendly.


SEO is nothing without conversion optimisation

SEO is currently rising in popularity and becoming a huge part of the marketing strategy of businesses large and small due to the amount of traffic that can be driven to your website for a relatively low cost (when compared to other marketing strategies). However if you aren’t doing anything to convert this traffic or to optimise conversion levels then you’re missing out on potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds, millions of pounds or even tens of millions.

Time for change

The Face Of SEO Is Changing Are You?

For many years a large proportion of SEO’s have relied on paid links to boost their search engine rankings, over the years this has been made easier and easier through paid link brokers and sites offering paid blog posts and reviews. 2008 has really been a turning point for search engine optimisation with Google’s Matt Cutts publicly stating that Google does and has penalised sites for buying links. This was combined by Google placing penalties on a number of high and low profile websites.


Mobile SEO – Stuck In The Past!

I was extremely surprised whilst speaking alongside Luke Regan on “The Role Of Indexing In Mobile SEO” at IIR thought leadership event. Why was I surprised, well because a lot of the other speakers at the event were concentrating on websites designed specifically for mobile phones. You may now be thinking why is this surprising?